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Water-cooled MIG / MAG welding torch
Automatic LED lighting when moving the burner
Only suitable for Titan XQ puls and EWM Multimatrix welding machines
Secure hold thanks to rubber inserts in the grip
The flexible ball joint guarantees comfortable working in forced positions
Burner button protection prevents accidental ignition of the arc
Recommended Use of 6.5m Hose Packs: Only for steel and CrNi with wire diameter 1.2 - 1.6mm
For the conveyance of steel wires we recommend the use of a wire guide spiral with capillary tube
For conveying CrNi, aluminum, fill and CuSi wires, we recommend the use of a PA combination core with guide tube (alternatively a Teflon or carbon fiber core can also be used)
Equipment ex works (steel wire Ø1,2 mm):
Gas nozzle Ø15 mm; 71 mm
Gas distributor Ø17 mm: 14 mm
Current nozzle M9 x 35 mm; Ø1.2 mm and nozzle M9 x 34.5 mm
Wire guide spiral red; Ø 2 mm x 4.6 mm

Duty cycle CO2500 A / 100 %
Duty cycle M21450 A / 100 %
Duty cycle M21 pulse350 A / 100 %
Ø wire0.8 mm - 1.6 mm
ConnectionEuro torch connector
Thread, current nozzleM9
Bending angle torch neck45 °
Working weight1.09 kg